Top 3 Ways to Connect With Successful Real Estate Investors

If you’re just starting out in the real estate investing industry, then it’s important to surround yourself with the right mentors and coaches. Surrounding yourself with the right people will save you from making basic rookie mistakes that can cause you unnecessary stress, time with your family and money.The top 3 real estate investing tips in order to make lucrative business connections are below:1. Informational Teleseminars/Webinars:Real Estate Investing Teleseminars are normally held on a weekly basis and host a different guest speaker each week. Successful real estate investors spend a lot of time speaking about their specific area of expertise and the best way to reach a large group of people without traveling all over the country is to speak on these. Most of the real estate investing teleseminars has a minimal charge for listening in on these calls and occasionally there is no charge. The guest speakers normally will offer an opportunity to work with him personally or buy his product. The Teleseminar gives you the chance to check the guest speaker out to see if it is something you’re interested in pursuing.2. Live Events:If you have the money and time to travel then there are many real estate investing boot camps out there. It should not be too difficult to find an event near you so you can plan ahead. Teleseminar hosts can normally let you in on upcoming boot camps as they usually partner with most of the speakers and help them promote their events. Attending one of these events also gives you the chance to meet the successful investor in person. This is also a great networking opportunity because there are usually other successful investors speaking or hanging around the events as well.3. Offer Your Services In Exchange For Knowledge:Another way to connect with a successful real estate investor is to try to contact them in order to offer your services in exchange for their coaching or mentoring. Most investors are bogged down with daily business details and would jump at the opportunity. Ways to find out how to contact the speakers are:a. Ask a Teleseminar host for direction in which speaker is most accommodating b. Do a Google search for the desired mentor to see if an email or phone number is available for themc. Search social networking sites and try to contact them that wayIf you’re looking to be a successful investor yourself, then it is important to surround yourself with a group of coaches and mentors that have a proven track record. Most successful investors love people and making friends so don’t waist another minute researching your next real estate deal attempt on your own. Follow the above 3 steps and you’ll be making money utilizing wisdom in no time.